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Drops & Oceans

The Context

In developing countries, most humanitarian organizations are implementing direct impact measures targeted at specific sectors of the population in situations of extreme emergency. But on many occasions, effective, long term planning of these actions from a general standpoint, in order to benefit the community as a whole is missing.

In a context of inequality and social conflict, not even governments can play this role, either because they are in a situation of deadlock, instability and lack of resources, or because they need to prioritise imminent solutions first.

It is essential to find somebody who can take on the enormous challenge of governance, because without this, the foundations to structurally reverse the situation of countries in chronic poverty cannot be built. In regions suffering from economic collapse, well-targeted philanthropy and strategic planning will result in much more sustainable and measurable actions and the impact will be multiplied.

Our association is founded on this goal.

The Project

We are a non-profit association made up of professionals from the world of finance, cooperation and communication. Our field of action covers the emerging, frontier or least developed countries located in Africa, Latin America, Central America and the Caribbean.

We develop projects with structural impact to reverse situations of chronic crisis, always in line with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set out in the Agenda 2030.

We promote fundraising to implement strategic territorial and sectoral plans in these countries. We do this with the support of public and private organizations and individuals who share the same sense of social responsibility as we do.

Close collaboration with grassroots organizations in the countries where they operate is fundamental given their knowledge of the region, and above all, because they are responsible for ensuring that the institutions meet the objectives of these strategic plans, leading to sustainable development.

DROPS & OCEANS is registered with the Government of Catalonia Foundations Register under tax identification number G67516385



We promote socio-economic impact actions in developing countries, from Africa, Latin America, Central America and the Caribbean.


We carry out long-term strategic plans in key fields of action such as agriculture, water, education, health, the environment, tourism, industry, culture, etc.


In situations of emergency due to natural disaster, epidemic or war conflict, we always act through structural projects focused on the origin of the problem.


We seek imaginative and effective ways to raise funds for funding and participation. We reach agreements with organizations that provide the know-how and the added value necessary to face new challenges.


We publicly promote the projects developed by the association and raise awareness among the population concerning situations of inequality and social injustice.


Jaume Puig

Founder and President of ACUSTER, a business group operating in the water sector, which integrates its own technology and asset management to provide support and impact unattended markets in Africa, Latin America, Central America and the Caribbean, with an urgent need for more efficient water management.

Anna Maria Gibert

Founder and General Director of Finances and Corporate Services at ACUSTER, where she has led several financial projects, takeover processes and the integration of companies that have contributed to the group’s growth.

Rosa Soler

Executive Assistant at ACUSTER. She has extensive professional experience as an executive assistant in international environments, both in public institutions (the Rectorate of the Universitat Politècnica of Catalonia) and private companies (assistant to the Managing Director at SYLVAN INC. USA).

Pere Gibert

Founder of Bumayé Community, audiovisual producer, transmedia project accelerator, and creator of branded content. He is in charge of production and comprehensive content management for communication and advertising strategies, by means of entertainment, promotion, innovation and social participation, especially for audiovisual, publishing, and corporate projects, apps and web, for multichannel channels.